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Ayurvedic JOINT PAIN Medicines - Ortholon Tablet

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Ayurvedic JOINT PAIN Medicines

ORTHOLON Muscular Pains - ARTHRITIS ORTHOLON Tablets Specially formulated to cure the ROOT CAUSE of ARTHRITIS

Controls pain and inflammation faster by rapid absorption and quicker approach to the affected part of the body.

ORTHOLON not only treats the SYMPTOMS BUT ALSO GOES TO THE ROOT OF THE DISORDER. Unique combination of herbs and minerals has made ORTHOLON exclusively useful in management of RHEUMATIC ARTHRITIS, SCIATICA, GOUT, JOINT PAIN and SPONDYLITIS

ORTHOLON ins specially formulated for long term therapy of Arthritis having meticulously selected herbs. ORTHOLON maintains such control, which inhibits the ‘Prostaglandin Synthesis’

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