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Ayurvedic Memory Guru Medicine - Aksir Afza Tablet

Ayurvedic Memory Guru Medicine

Aksir Afza is Work When Lack of Concentration is your problem Failing Memory is you weakness Class work seems a burden Office work Never Seems to end Brain does not give support . Aksir Afza's MEMORY GURU is the Right Answer Stress Buster & Tonic for Brain Elation Dosage: 2 tablets in the Morning with milk

Presentation: Pack of 24 tablets & 60 tablets Tasty Chewable Tablets

Indications: Memory Loss, Mental Fatigue Dyslexia Senile Dementia MIGRANE Persistant Headaches of unknown Aetiology Stress, Tension Anxiety Lost Confidence Mental Weakness

Tags : #Herbal Memory Tablet#Memory Boost Medicine#Stress reduce Medicine

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