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LIVER INTACT DROP When "MADAR" the well-known BILE FLOW REGULATOR works, patients respond immediately . . . Astonishing results in ... just 2 Days! Protects liver from Hepato-Toxic Matter. Helps in Regeneration of Liver Cells. Improves Appetite, Digestion and Bowel movement by increasing funchional efficiency of the Liver.

ACTION: Calotropis gigantea "MADAR" Strongly increases BILE JUICE SECRETIONS. Its flowers are digestive, Tonic and Stomachic. Excellent in Hepatic & Splenic Enlargements. (Dr. Nadkarni A.K. Indian Materia Medica.

Phyllanthus niruri "BHUI AMLA" Effective against Hepatitis Virus De-obstruant & beneficial in Jaundice. Safe Lipotrophic (UMRANI, D.,; Ancient science life.

Strong Appetizer:

Keeps appetite intact even in prolonged therapy of ATT/ Antibiotics etc.

Fastest & the BEST Results: Clears Liver Cells. Tones up the entire digestive system and regulates Bowel Movement (peristalisis), GI tract, a good restorative during convalescene.

Sense of Well-Being: due to good appetite and improved digestive functions. Promotes weight gain in the weak.

Most Economical: True Value for Money:

contains the highest number of herbs : 27

& the highest concentration of herbs : 44% Dosage: Children: 10 to 20 drops, three times a day.

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Liver Intact drop
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