ASHOKA DP  (Leucorrhoea)
ASHOKA DP  (Leucorrhoea) ASHOKA DP  (Leucorrhoea) ASHOKA DP  (Leucorrhoea)
ASHOKA DP (Leucorrhoea)
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Ashoka DP

Herbal, Harmless & Non-Hormonal Uterine tonic Only For Ladies...

Most trusted 'Experience-Based' Ancient Formula: Takes care of your inner-problems. Just one 3 month course is enough!

for Female Disorders like Pain & Scanty Menses (Dysmenorrhoea) largely effects young females, on or near puberty.

Excessive Menses (Menorrhagia) Brings general weakness and loss of precious blood.

Scanty Menses (Oligomenorhoea) Early Menses (Metrorrhagia) Stopped Menses (Amennorea) Delay in Onset of Puberty (Menarche) Excellent Supportive Medicine for Vaginal Discharges. Udambar's High Anit-Inflammatory action increases body resistance and even forms a protective layer on the endometrium to reduce chances of reuccurance arrising out of pelvic inflammations and congestion.

Infertility (Sterility): The Anti-Inflammatory action of UDAMBAR, decreases pelvic inflammations and improves chances of conception. Many issue-less have been blessed with children.

Goldwater's Ashoka D.P. is prescribed by thousands of Doctors every day. We give you the same product with low cost and no side effects.

Completely Non- Hormonal. Since 21 years. ASHOKA D.P. is our company's leading and most prestigious product. Largely prescribed all over India by the leading gynaecologists, for curing female disorders without any Hormonal Medicines.

Double Strength ASHOKA D.P. treats congestive and neurological types of Dysmenorrhoea as it soothes the endometrium, normalises the mucosa of the uterus, induces normal menstrual flow, relieving abdominal discomfort.

Most experienced doctors prefer Ashoka D.P. over other hormonal therapy because it can be administered immeditaely as and when required, which is not possible with hormonal Management. Moreover, Hormonal Therapy initially retards the menstural flow inducing psychological depression to the patient.

The superiority of Ashoka D.P. is further established over Hormonal Therapy as the later is contra-indicated in the cases of Virgin Girls, Hypertension and hepatic Abnormality amongst others.

NON-HORMONAL : ABSOLUTELY SAFE! Ashoka D.P. acts on the Uterine Musculature through Sympathetic Nerves. It is an excellent Uterine Tonic and a Nervine Sedative; thus useful in Dysmenorrhoea. It exerts a stimulating effect on the Ovaries, Endometrium and the Uterus, thus improving Blood Circulation ot tone-up the Entire Genital System.

DIET RESTRICTIONS: Avoid Oily, Fatty, Hot and Spicy meals. Only Goldwater's DP ASHOKA contains UDAMBAR & ASHOKA combination.

Presenting the best Ayurvedic Combination Udambar (Ficus racemosa) is an Astringent & Strong Antiinflammatory.

1. It forms a protective layer on the endometrium 2. It increases body resistance, takes care of Secondary Infections. 3. Prevents and controls LEUCORRHOEA. and decreases PELVIC INFLAMMATIONS

ASHOKA (Saraca Indica) 1. Very good tonic for Uterus, strengthens its muscles and removes many sorts of problems/ diseases. 2. Most effectively controls all sort of MENSES dysfunctions specially DYSMENORRHOEA (Painful & Scanty Menses).

Ayurvedic Pharmacology & Therapeutics VM Chopra (SPARC) pg. 304, Oct. 2000 ASHOKA DP (with Udambar) The Ideal Uterine tonic and prophylactic Ashoka DP acts on the Uterine Musculature through Sympathetic Nerves. It is an excellent Uterine tonic and Nervine Sedative, thus useful for DYSMENORRHOEA (Painful Menses). It exerts a stimulating effect on the Ovaries, Endometrium and the Uterus, thus improving blood circulation to tone-up the entire genital system.

Presenting the Best Developed Formulation in gynae therapy.

Indications: MC Disorders, Leucorrhoea, Menopausal Syndrome, Hot flushes, Habitual Abortion, Infertility, P.I.D.

Highly concentrated formula: True Value for Money! 53% Concentration of Herbs!

Contents: Ashoka Chal; Ulatkambal; Daruhaldi; Harad Bari (OXYTOCIC ACTIVITY) Lodra; Satawari; Gurch (UTERINE RELAXANT) Arjun; Dhaiphool; Amla; Nagkesar; Udambar; Chandan (ASTRINGENT) Anantmool; Kamarkas; Pitpapra; Hanasraj; Gokhru (DIURETIC) Punarnava; Ashwagandha; Anantmool (TONIC) Sphatic bhasm; Khus; Bathuabeej (ANTI-SPASMODIC)

Excellent supportive medicine for vaginal discharges. Udambar's high anti-inflammatory action increases body resistance and forms a protective layer on the uterus. Reduces re-occurrence of Leucorrhoea arrising out of pelvic inflammation and congestion.

MC DISORDERS: Regulates menstrual cycles back to normal. Useful in DYSMENORRHOEA, MENORRHAGIA, METRORRHAGIA.

MENOPAUSE: Delays menopause and when iit arrives makes it a real smooth affair. Helps releives menopausal syndromes and other symptoms like HOT FLUSHES, SLEEPLESSNESS, IRRITATION ETC.

STERILITY: The anti-inflammatory action of UDAMBAR, increases results in sterility substantially by decreasing pelvic-inflammations, removing blockages of the Fallopian Tubes.

ORIENTAL BEAUTY TONIC: Ashoka has been used since ages as a general beauty tonic for Ladies. The patient is rejuvenated, gets a feeling of well-being and a new lease of youthfulness. Her face gets CLEARED OF RASHES and BLACK SPOTS and she gets a fresh glow, radiance and beauty after the course.

Prescribed by thousands of Doctors since 20 years all over India ! in cases of MC Disorders, Nagging Leucorrhoea, P.I.D., and most stubborn STERILITY ever.

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ASHOKA DP (Leucorrhoea)
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