ASHOKA NARI for Female Infertility
ASHOKA NARI for Female Infertility ASHOKA NARI for Female Infertility ASHOKA NARI for Female Infertility
ASHOKA NARI for Female Infertility
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Ashoka Nari New HOPE for the childless WOMAN . . Prepares the lady for conception Absolutely herbal, safe and non-hormonal. NEW HOPE FOR THE CHILDLESS WOMAN PREPARES THE LADY FOR CONCEPTION! By ensuring timely menses and ovulation. Trouble free gestation. Removes the Blockages of Fallopian Tubes. Reduces Inflammation. Uterine Tonic Anti-Spasmodic & Nervine Sedative. Cure by Modern System of Medicine? You are aware that modern system of medicine has no sure and simple answer to many female diseases. This is because the hormonal system of the ladies, works in a beautiful unison, like a symphony orchestra, thus balancing the endocrine. The complicated female system has to be handled most intricately this a holistic approach, which is sadly lacking in allopathic therapy, ‘Most of the times these disorders are made more chronic and deep rooted by the “Modern Medical Efforts” to deal with them through suppressive Methods of Surgery and Drugs.’ On the other hand herbal medicines have and ‘trotiotric approach’ They do not have any side or toxic effects because of balance action of their different constituents and hence by correcting all the imbalances of the body establishes perfect health. Salient Features: ASHOKA NARI THE NON-HORMONAL THERAPY, WHICH RESTORES THE NATURAL HORMONAL BALANCE!” ASHOKA NARI is an Oestrogenic Syrup Highly Economical and extremely safe. It has high encouraging results in sterility. Being strongly astringent and uterine sedative, It acts directly on the muscular fibers of the uterus. LEUCORHHOEA, M.C.DISORDERS & STERILTY: ASHOKA NARI regulates the hormonal activity of the body, clears Leucorrhoea (if any), normalizes menstrual cycle, and removes constipation, micturation and gastric problems, which are mostly present in the ladies. ASHOKA NARI has the advantage of a synergetic combination of AHSOKA & UDAMBAR, which makes it extremely useful for inflammations and pelvic region swellings. It hence removes the blockages of the fallopian tubes and fights all sorts of vaginal and cervical infections; hence it removes all the predisposing cause of sterility and prepares the lady to achieve pregnancy. ASHOKA NARI also removes the problem of habitual abortion by strengthening the endometrium. EXCELLENT BEAUTY TREATMENT: Skin has a wondrous and an intricate mechanism and almost all its problems are the result of malfunctioning of the body system as a whole. Mere local application of some cosmetic can only temporarily suppress but never really remove the nagging problems of acne, rashes, color-tone etc. The treatment as to start with cosmetics, hence, should always be supplemented (if not to totally replace by an oral course of ASHOKA NARI which alone has the capability to give immediate and fantastic result. Ashoka (Saraca indica) tree bark is perhaps the earliest (centuries old and the best-known oriental beauty therapy. After just one course of 30 days only of ASHOKA NARI, THE lady is actually rejuvenated, gets a feeling of well being and a new lease of youthfulness is released. Her face gets a fresh glow of radiance and beauty. Her complexion becomes fairer and her skin smoother and younger. ASHOKA NARI removes constipation, gases and excessive body fluid thus removing the fluffiness from face and body. POINTS TO HIGHLIGHT:Contains UDAMBAR, an anti-inflammatory and astringent, hence highest results in leucorrhoea, M.C.Disorders and Sterility /Infertility. 1- Form a protective layer on the Endometrium to check further infection 2- Increases body resistance, which breaks the vicious circle of Leucorrhoea Weakness more leucorrhoea more weakness and so on. 3- Encouraging results in STERILITY 4- Increases the motor activity of the Uterus by acting through sympathetic nerves 5- Stimulating effect on the ovaries and the Endometrium. 6- Tonic to the Uterine Musculature. 7- Powerful Haematinic indicated in Anemia. 8- Stimulates appetite and has a general vitalizing effect Indications: Uterine Tonic, Anti-spasmodic & Nervine Sedative. Specially indicated in Menstrual Irregularities, Specific & Non Specific Leucorrhoea and STERILITY / INFERTILTIY Action ASHOKA NARI treats congestive and neurological types of Dysmenorrhoea as it soothes the endometrium, normalizes the mucosa of the uterus, induces normal painless menstrual flow, relieving abdominal discomfort, extending priority over hormonal therapy because it can be administered immediately as and when required, which is not possible with hormonal management. Even then if hormonal therapy is ever employed, it initially retards the menstrual flow inducing psychological depression to the patient. ASHOKA NARI acts on the uterine musculature through sympathetic nerves. It is an excellent uterine tonic and a nervine sedative, thus useful for Dysmenorrhoea. It exerts a stimulating effect on the ovaries, endometrium and uterus thus improving blood circulation to tone-up the entire genital system. Udambar’s anti-inflammatory action decreases pelvic inflammations and congestions, which is very useful in Leucorrhoea, menorrhagia and other associated complaints. Contraindications: nNone. Absolutely free from any side effects even in long duration therapy For STERILITY / INFERTILITY CASES: ASHOKA NARI should be continued for 3 to 4 months on regular basis or till pregnancy occurs. HIGH SUCCESS RATE; if the lady is below 45 years of age THE FINAL TREATMENT FOR STERILITY & MANY GYNE-DISORDERS PREPARES THE LADY FOR CONCEPTION.. .by ensuring Timely Menses & Ovulation; Trouble free Gestation. Removing the Blockages of the Fallopian Tubes. Reduces Pelvic inflammation. Dosage: 2 teaspoonfuls, three times a day with fresh water. Course: 4 months or till pregnancy. Diet Restrictions Avoid Oily, Fatty, Hot and Spicy meals. Presentation: Pineapple flavored Syrup 220ml & 450mlINGREDIENTS: ASHOK CHAL; HARAD BARI; LODRA; AMLA; PUNARNAVA; ULAT-KAMBAL; UDAMBAR; SATAWAR; ASHWAGANDHA; SPHETIC BHASM; NAGARMOTHA

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ASHOKA NARI for Female Infertility
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