Liver Intact drop



~   L I V E R   I N T A C T   ~

Experience the Extraordinary Action for

  • Fatty Liver
  • Jaundice & Fever
  • Natural Appetite
  • Increasing secretions of Bile Juice
  • Countering Side-effects of modern medication
  • Recovery after Illness (convalescence)
  • Protection from Hepato-Toxic (harmful for liver) matter
  • Protection from Alcoholic & Sluggish Liver

Most Economical : Highest concentration ever 44% w/v


Contains Madar (Calotropis gigantea) 

specially to normalize bile flow.

Dr. Nadkarni KM, (Indian Materia Medica pg 238) claims ‘MADAR increases Bile Juice Secretions’.


Finest combination of 27 herbs 

Sarphonka, Pittpapra, Kalmegh, Gurch, Harad Choti, Punarnava, Jhaupatra, Amaltas, Daruhaldi, Chitrak, Nagarmotha, Ghrit kumari, Anarchilka, Bari elaichi, Marodphali, Kasaundi, Soyabeej, Gajar beej, Vayvirang, Ajmoda, MADAR, Atis, Anantmool, Mulaithi, Arjun, Rohitak, Hansraj


Promotes Appetite and Growth, Hepatitis, Biliary Dysfunction, Jaundice, Helpful in Cirrhosis, Protects liver from Hepato-toxic Matter, Alchoholic and Sluggish.


“Madar” Stongly increases Bile Juice secretions. It has Sedative Action on the Intestines, Flowers are Digestive, Stomachic & Tonic. (Dr. Nadkarni KM, (Indian Materia Medica pg 238) 



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