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Bring DIGESTOL in your LIFE

Restores natural appetite: During ATT or Antibiotic Therapy, lost due to the disturbance of the intestinal flora. 
2- Relieves Burning Sensation & Ulcer Pains: Provides a soothing layer on the irritated stomach mucosa. Corrects the acid-mucous balance. 
3- Overcomes Damage & Ulceration by its unique tissue regeneration process. 
4- Coordinates Peristalsis & Distension: Thus preventing reoccurrence of Ulcer. 
5- Anti-Inflammatory Action 
6- No Side Effects

Real Serious Chronic Stomach Problems?

D I G E Y - combo pack

Full course of --- 450 ml Syrup + 60 Digey Tablets

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  1. Liver Intact syrup In fatty Liver clean toxicity of Liver and get quick result every first dose. It Digestol syrup use 15ml at bed time and get quick result in the case of constipation and colitis .

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