M.C. Action (Female Disorders)


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BEST for Stopped Menses !!


MC Action description:


When Stopped Menses is a cause of worry!

Rely only on the FASTEST acting, safe, non-hormonal, Ayurvedic remedy of choice. . .


Induces Painless Menstrual Flow, releiving abdominal discomfort specially indicated in Premenstrual Tension.

(Emmenagogue Action of ‘ULAT KAMBAL’ (Abroma augusta)


INDICATIONS: Amenorrhoea, Oligomenorrhoea, Dysmenorrhoea, Delayed Menarche (onset of Puberty)


DOSAGE: Tablet: 4 stat (on start); thereafter 2 tablets 3 times a day Syrup: 4 teaspoonful stat (on start) thereafter 2 tsf, 3 times a day with water.

DIRECTION OF USE: Start 1st dose at NIGHT TIME, just before sleeping. Avoid eating COLD items like curd etc. Also hot fomentation is recommended on the pelvic region.



Not to be taken in early pregnancy or it will cause ABORTION !


Contains strong emmenagogue agents giving strong ecobolic actions in the Uterus !




50 reviews for M.C. Action (Female Disorders)

  1. Rakesh

  2. Sirish

  3. Sneha

  4. Chirag

  5. Phoolvanti

    Very Effective medicine for female’s

  6. Amit gupta (verified owner)

    Nice product work properly without any problems
    Effective and आयुर्वैदिक

  7. Rishika Nair

  8. Prem

    Results are very good.

  9. Sushuti

  10. Ruchi sharma

    This syrup is maintain to menstrual cycle . Good performance

  11. Riya gupta

    Good product

  12. Rubina Verma

    This syrup is mainly used for disorders periods. And its work really really very nice.

  13. Radhika verma

  14. sadhna singh

    Syrup ka result bhut acha hai

  15. vedu singh

    Mc Action syrup very good performance

  16. Neelu singh

    This works really good for me Mc Action

  17. Nisha verma

  18. Shivani Srivastava

    Nice product its work great

  19. Sakshi sharma

    I liked this syrup because my irregular after having Mc action syrup my periods has stabilized

  20. Sonali Singh

    I am happy to have this syrup because I had irregular periods for past 2 months. But know my periods has stabilized.

  21. vaishnavi sharma

    Good Result mc action syrup for females its work very nice

  22. Rita Yadav

    Grateful syrup i like this syrup mc action

  23. Goldi sharma

    Best syrup

  24. Ashi Ray

    Grate syrup MC ACTION

  25. Sohan Kumar Srivastav

    This product is maintain pain less menstrual flow without any side effects

  26. Dr .HN dubey

    MC Action this product is most useful in MC Disorders.Have tried on over 100 patients.

  27. Nita singh

    Effective.. syrup for womens menstrual cycyle

  28. Nidhi Kushwaha

    This syrup is really best result

  29. Srijita singh

    I liked this syrup my irregular periods problem solved

  30. Vishali Verma

    Good Performance Mc Action

  31. Riya gupta

    Mc Action syrup is very nice best result

  32. Seema srivastava

  33. Rajesh

    Medicine ke results achhe hai

  34. Chandan

    Mc Action very good product

  35. Rekha Verma

    My experience for Goldwater came up with a positive solution and a unique approach wherein women can actually take charge of their all period problems at one step. Thank You Goldwater🥰🥰

  36. Pooja Singh

    Effective medicine

  37. Nimrita Yadav

    Grateful syrup I liked it

  38. Falaq Naaz

    Best result this syrup MC Action

  39. Dr. Anand Gupta

    I have conducted clinical trials on 100 patients of Amenorrhea and Dysmenorrhea cases by the sample of Mc Action syrup and tablets patient medicine very good response.

  40. Anshika Srivastava

    This syrup is very nice and . Will recommend to my friends as well based on my experience

  41. Madhu Parihar

    This works really good for me. I had irregular periods for past 2 months. After having MC Action my periods has stabilized. Taste is also good to have. Will recommend to my friends as well based on my experience

  42. Dhirendra Kumar Srivastava

    MC action is good result for female

  43. Anushka

  44. Purnit

    Effective medicine

  45. Durga

  46. carol

    Effective product this syrup is good

  47. Nitin

    good product

  48. Manisha verma

    MC Action this syrup product is most useful in MC Disorders.

  49. Tiya Singh

    Effective syrup for girls .

  50. Anam Khan

    Grateful syrup I am happy to have it

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