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Check if your haematinic purifies your blood too?

RED PURE: The only Haematinic which raises the hemoglobin factors in the Blood, Clears Anaemia and also purifies blood.

Overcomes Weakness during Pregnancy & Lactation. Clears off Acne, Pimples & Skin-Infection. Ensures a Smoother & Fairer Skin; improves Complexion.

Red & Pure

Raises the Hemoglobin Factors in the Blood. Clears off Anaemia. Overcomes Weakness During Pregnancy & Lactation.

Formulated with two distinct categories of Herb.

The first category proven to raise the HAEMOGLOBIN FACTORS thus clearing off Anaemia.

The Second Group of herbs work synergistically with the first group to improve the quality and PURITY OF BLOOD.

In Short, RED PURE is a complete HAEMATINIC plus a BLOOD PURIFIER.

Indications: All types of Anaemia, Nutritional Deficiency, Post Surgical Anaemia, Pimples, Acne & Various types of Skin Infections.

Anaemia is the condition where the blood contains less number of Red Blood Cells which contain HAEMOGLOBIN, which in turn carries oxygen particle and supply to each and every cell of the body. Normally, Iron is required for the formation of Hemoglobin which we usually get from the normal food we eat.

Now Goldwater presents RED PURE SYURP a scientific and balanced unique combination of herbs which generates a new stamina and vigor by increasing hemoglobin content and also rejuvenates the body. No side effects or untoward sign and symptoms.

Simpler and Easier in take Easily Available at Affordable cost Shorter Duration of Treatment period

Does not require additional drug treatment for acidifying vitamins like ascorbic acid

Most Important: No CONSTIPATION like other Iron Tonics.

Note: hemoglobin count in Males (12.5% to 15.5%) Females (12% to 14.5%)

Dosage: 2 teaspoonful, 2 to 3 times a day, after Meals. Take plenty of water after dose.

15 reviews for Red Pure For Anaemia

  1. Gungun Srivastava

    Grateful syrup Red Pure its work good nd result

  2. Tanya gautam

    This syrup results good.

  3. srishti singh

    Nice product

  4. Sakshi sharma

    Results good.

  5. sadhna singh

    Great syrup for removes acne

  6. Tanya chahuan

    This syrup is helpful for removes acne

  7. Tanya chahuan

    Best product

  8. Jyoti Singh

  9. kiran singh

  10. Anshika Srivastava

    Grateful syrup its increase the immunity

  11. Tiya Singh

    Good syrup

  12. Sakshi sharma

    Amazing Syrup

  13. Aisha Sharma

  14. Shruti Singh

    This syrup is removes nd pimple.

  15. Jyoti singh

    Nice results .

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