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For SEX problems in the 30 plus age group


‘Bed Time’ problems of the 30 plus are Different from the young couples!


So why give the same Aphrodiasc to the elderly?

If elderly couples problems are due to different reasons of age factor, decrease in libido and interest in sex. Debility and problems arising due to chronic ailments etc.

In youth sex problems are usually because of factors like, defective life style; bad habits; illness etc.


SENEGRA – is a wonderful re-fuelling agent- “naturally enhances LIBIDO” sensation, sex desire, stamina and over all enjoyment.



It enhances female libido and genital sensation and gives her a special experience!


‘Many warriors have fought great Battles on the field, but have lost on the bed!’

Strong sex tonics like Sildenafil etc. definitely boost long lasting erections and emotions. But that is Momentary.


  1. SENEGRA refuels the vital energy levels inside the body, mainly the blood circulation pertaining to the organ, hence enhances the vigour and desire.
  2. SENEGRA also acts in maintaining natural attraction towards the partner with full enjoyment in married life.
  3. SENEGRA provides a much Needed Natural solution for those looking for an alternative to synthetic harmful drugs.


How SENEGRA is different from 100’s of other tonics?


SENEGRA is a Combination of 2 Different set of Herbs:

The first set of herbs is aphrodisiac for significant effect on Better & long lasting Ability.

The second set of herbs work in synergistic unison with the first to Increase the strength-stamina-performance.

This enhances natural sensations throughout the body and maintains it permanently, which otherwise is so difficult in synthetic drugs.


An ideal Sex Tonic should do the following

For Males:

Increase Libido. Premature Ejaculation, Duration and Desire. Boosts Testosterone Levels. Seminal Debility; Improves Fertility & Sperm Count; Increase Vigor & Vitality; Rejuvenates the Energy levels; Tones up the Blood Circulation to the organs; Gives a sense of complete satisfaction to the married couple. Improves general health. Removes general fatigue Tiredness Exhaustion and weakness in the Body. Brings back the Radiance and Glow within a few days of use.

For Females:

Increases desire for the partner near or after Menopause. Improves General Health; Removes General fatigue and weakness in the body; brings back the Radiance and Glow within a few days of use.


How quickly does SENEGRA work?

Results are often noticed within 3 to 6 days and continue to improve with use.

Our feed back indicates more than 80% user satisfaction by the 10th day and 90% by the end of second week.


Results Galore!



Ashwagandha mool; Kawanch beej; Sayah Musli kand; Utangan beej; Akarkara mool; Atibala mool; Vidhara mool; Gokhru bara phal; Satawar mool; Tarun chal; Brahmi panchang; Vidhara kand; Shankhpushpi; Sheetal chini; Yashtimadhu kand; Gurch kand; Gorakh mundi.



SUGAR FREE Flavored Palatable Syrup; 110ml and 200 ml


2 teaspoonful, 2 times a day, to be taken before meals, with plain water, for 4 weeks.


Just think

SENEGRA provides a much needed natural solution for those looking for an alternative to synthetic drugs. Those who have tried VIAGRA and SENEGRA both would know the difference.


* GW is Approved Govt. Suppliers (2000 – 2004) ESI/ CGHS Hospitals; GMP, lab tested, ISO certified.



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    Senegra Syrups is very infected in premature ejaculation and low vitality powder.
    Thanks to Gold Water

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