Ashoka Nari For Female Infertility


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Helps in Pregnancy in Females

 Clears all problems of MC Disorders, Leucorrhoea and Infertility.

Anti-Spasmodic  &  Nervine Sedative 

Latest Synergetic Combination – Better Results

(A S H O K A   with   U D A M B A R)


Ashoka Nari prepares the lady for conception. If the lady is below 40,

HELPS IN EASING PAIN DURING MENSES. Gives a smooth Menstrual flow.

LEUCORRHOEA problems. If the patient is suffering from chronic Leucorrhoea since a long time give her ASHOKA NARI. It will help remove her constant leucorrhoea problem.

 If due to Menstrual disturbance, excess bleeding or problem of Ovulation in Ovary, or swelling or inflammation of the Fallopian Tube, the tube is closed and there is pregnancy problem, in such cases give ASHOKA NARI to the lady, 2 teaspoon full, mixed with water, three times in a day after meals, for 4 to 6 months. Pregnancy will happen in most cases and regular menses will also be on time.

 Excellent Results due to presence of UDAMBAR, which is only in ASHOKA NARI


 A GMP product – Totally Herbal – Each Batch is properly lab tested – SUGAR FREE – FOR BETTER RESULTS – LEADERS SINCE 1989 – ISO certified


Ashoka has been used since ages as a general beauty tonic for Ladies. The patient is rejuvenated, gets a feeling of well-being and a new lease of youthfulness. Her face gets CLEARED OF RASHES and BLACK SPOTS and she gets a fresh glow, radiance and beauty after the course.

 Safe non-hormonal patent Ayurvedic Medicine!


52 reviews for Ashoka Nari For Female Infertility

  1. Malini Srivastava

    Grateful…sruyp i like this ashoka nari

  2. Kamal

  3. Nandini Jaiswal

    I tried everything for conceiving. My doctor told me that there are no chances of conceiving in my case. As I had a sever case of endometrois and nothing was helping me. I started consuming Ashoka Nari in 3 months back and within 3 months of the consumption I am finally pregnant.

  4. Tinu

  5. Tejas

  6. Umang

  7. Deena Rajput

  8. Poonam Mishra

    When I started with the medicine I had no idea that how will this help me and work. But I am now glad that I trusted Goldwater and I started consuming Ashoka Nari. It was a last hope for me and my husband. Ashoka Nari is working like a miracle and I am also ovulating on time every month. I am also planning for conceiving. Soon I shall be pregnant

  9. Tashi

  10. Devendra

  11. Mithali Verma

  12. Anjali

    Bhut faide mand dava hai ye mhuje kai sal se concieving ki problem thi finally today i am pregnant

  13. Riyana Thakur

    I loved this syrup

  14. Rachna singh

    Its really works and helpful syrup

  15. Shankar

  16. Bhumi Sharma

    Ashoka Nari best result for fertility problems

  17. Sana Thakur

    I loved this product because It was a last hope for me and my husband.

  18. Bhumi pal

    Very nice product

  19. kiran singh

    When I started with the medicine I had no idea that how will this help me and work. But today I was happy because its really works. Thanks so much goldwater.

  20. Doli singh

    Very nice response for this syrup Ashoka Nari

  21. Ridhi Gupta

    I liked this product

  22. Nisha Chaudhary

    Effective syrup I also like this syrup

  23. Shristi Maurya

    Excellent…. syrup Ashoka Nari

  24. Mampi verma

    Actually , this syrup is really works trusted product

  25. Ruhi yadav

    Best syrup for womens

  26. Pragya yadav

    Best result syrup

  27. Rashi Verma

    I liked this syrup

  28. Shivani Srivastava

    This product is nice

  29. Sonali Verma

    Best product for women fertility problems .

  30. puja sharma

    I am glad to have this syrup .

  31. Yashi thakur

    This syrup is very useful for women those have problem to conceiving.

  32. Tanya gautam

    Ashoka Nari Sryup is very good response

  33. Vishali Verma

    Best Result product

  34. Nisha Chaudhary

  35. Seema Khan

    Apka bahut bahut dhanyawad apki ashoka naari syrup ki wajah se mujhe ek beta or beti mile hai shadi ke 10 saal ke baad kin shabdo me apka shukriya karu sare shabd kam hi hai dhanyawad gold water

  36. Nidhi Kushwaha

    Very effective product for womens

  37. Sneha Rafiq

    I am happy to have this syrup Thank you GOLDWATER

  38. Dhirendra Kumar Srivastava

    अशोका नारी का बहुत अच्छा रिजल्ट है इसको पीने से बहुत महिलाएं गर्भवती हो गए हैं बहुत अच्छा रिजल्ट है महिलाओं को सबसे बेस्ट टॉनिक है

  39. Nishi Shukla

    Excellent…. I liked their product.

  40. Ajay

    good product

  41. Isha Verma

    Good result

  42. Kashvi

  43. Nidhi Kushwaha

    Good syrup Ashoka Nari. Its works is grateful

  44. Bably Srivastava

    Must take this syrup for those have problem to conceiving its really good worked

  45. Vaani

    best product

  46. Kumkum Verma

    Good Product

  47. Manu sharma

    Ashoka Nari is helpful in all fertility problems very useful for women

  48. Manu sharma

    All in one solution for women fertility related problems

  49. Tanya chahuan

    Ashoka Nari is working like a miracle and I am also ovulating on time every month .I am also planning for conceiving

  50. kiran singh

  51. Reverse phone directory

    I am grateful for the energy you put into providing all the required information.

  52. Vecspism

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