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HAIR FLOW Cleans, Grooms and Cares your Hair !! Removes D A N D R U F F ! !

Check the effects of Ageing!! Look Younger, Smarter and Charming Day by Day, through the Ayurvedic way!

Pamper your Hair with Ayurvedic Care!! Nature is God’s Visible form Every pulse beat of our life is the same as that found in the Fragrance of Nature. Modern world wide Researches have Re-established the time Tested properties of various Herbs. Goldwater Products have been Prepared after years of painstaking thorough Research. We have been Extremely Careful in Attending to the Details of Nature and its products and hence Blended them with Human Body and its Anatomic system. We are sure that our products convince you about their Efficacy and our sincere Endeavor shall be to bring the Best of Quality, as we Possibly can so that you get the finest and the Best Response from our Medicines.

If you have Hair problems like Hair Falling, Early Balding Early Greying Most Chronic Dandruff ever Unmanageable Dull & Split hair.

All these problems and others like Pruritis, scabies, Alopacea, Thining of Hair, Clubbing of Hair, Hair shaft Roughness and Breaking, Removing all Extraneous matter forming on the scalp of your Hair, which causes chronic Dandruff, scalding etc.

It is Advisable to use HAIR FLOW at least 3 to 4 Times a week. HAIR FLOW SHOULD BE RETAINED FOR 3 MINUTES AT LEAST, BEFORE RINSING OFF. This Helps your Hair by Stimulating the Sebaceous Gland, Imparting More Strength to the Roots of your Hair.


1- Stronger & Thicker Hair 2- Smoother, Lustrous & more shining Hair 3- Freedom from Dandruff 4- Stronger Roots 5- Checks Greying

Extremely useful in places where there is Hard Water. Useful in all sorts of hair. Can be used even on Small Children.

HAIR FLOW shampoo is prepared by Boiling the following herbs:

Bhringraj, Harad, Bahera, Amla (that’s Trifla) Bharmhi, Mehendi, Shikakai, Grit kumari, Methi, Arni, Jatamansi, Shankhpushpi, Neem, Gurch, Kapur-kachari, Sugandh-bala, Anantmool, Nagar-motha, Reetha & Chadila

Note: Only extract of Plants and Herbs taken and NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS are used, unlike chemical shampoos which can not be Advised to be applied daily or they tend to leave your Hair Brittle. Whereas the more you use HAIR FLOW, the More it Makes your Hair Smooth and Truly Manageable and Truly HEALTHY, in the Real sense. Only one week of Trial will convince the user of all our claims.

HAIR FLOW is well known in India as panacea for many Hair problems like Hair Falling, Early Greying, Dandruff, etc. It Removes problems of Unmanageable Dull and Split Hairs by Making the Hair Truly Manageable and Bouncy. Only use of one week will make you Admire the product.


Removes the Harmful effects of pollution; Gives Complete Hair-care. PAMPER YOUR HAIR WITH AYURVEDIC CARE! BECAUSE ONLY HAIR FLOW IS PREPARED BY BOILING OVER 20 HERBS! Supplied all over India; form Chennai to Mumbai, New-Delhi, and entire U.P. since over 20 years!

Marketed in EUROPE (UK, ITALY etc.) by the Ayurvedic Institute, Benessere Form, Italy.

HAIR FLOW is a Natural Conditioner cum Hair Wash. Try it today only one weeks of use will Make you product Crazy!

Presentation: 200ml & 100ml

Natural Conditioner + Shampoo

Prepared by boiling 20 herbs and not just by adding extracts of herbs in harsh chemicals.


HAIR FLOW is one such Ayurvedic, ‘highly concentrated formula’ prepared from the choicest 20 herbs including Aloe Vera, to give you such a shampoo that really helps check the following:

1- Dandruff. 2- Excessive Hair Falling 3- Early Graying. Salient Features: Proven Hair Tonic for arresting hair-fall, premature graying, checks balding & toning up of the scalp. Excellent Shampoo; Leaves hair soft, silky, with a lot of bounce and truly manageable. No need for any conditioner.

Maintains a steady hair growth, Stops hair falling and premature graying.

Checks the effect of pollution and hard water. “Swift Action of Unique Hair Flow”

A real herbal hair tonic in shape of a shampoo. Choicest formula of 20 herbs, which unlike Oils has a more deep penetration and easily reaches the root of your hair! Hair-Flow prevents baldness and premature hair graying. Regular use will add a new luster and will make your hair thicker, healthier and more manageable.”

Please see ‘THERAPEUTICS’ of all HERBS mentioned at the bottom of this page. Points to Highlight: Is your favourite Shampoo Safe to use? NO CHEMICALS, NO DETERGENT BASE, JUST NATURAL, PURE HERBAL:

Do you understand what the hard chemicals do to your hair? They ultimately make your hair brittle

UNDERTAKE THIS SMALL EXPERIMENT: Apply your favourite shampoo on half of your head and on the other half apply our HAIR FLOW, then wash your hair. Then again apply similarly both the shampoos and again wash for the second time.

Check 1st side – your hair become brittle and harsh – no longer soft to touch.

Check 2nd Side – HAIR FLOW makes your hair real softer and smoother, JUST LIKE MOTHER NATURE WOULD HAVE LIKED. (No chemicals can give this effect)

U S E I T T O S E E T H E D I F F E R E N C E ! Hair-Flow, improves the quality of your hair by giving it a real 20 herb wash with the following herbs:

SHAMPOO: Bhringraj, Harad, Bahera, Amla, Brahmi, Mehendi, Shikakai, Ghrit Kumari (Aloe Vera), Methi, Arni, Jatamansi, Shankh Puspi, Neem, Gurch, Kapurkachari, Sugandhbala, Anantmool, Nagarmotha, Reetha & Chadila.

TABLET: Harad, Bahera, Amla, Satawar, Ashwagandha, Bhringraj, Giloe, Shankhpushpi, Karanj, Babool Gond.

ACTION: Tablet: Hair Flow tablets are available (separately) to counter the nutritional deficiencies and disastrous effects of environmental pollution and even hard water use, (which affects in excessive hair falling and early ageing effects, like graying, balding etc.)

Shampoo: ‘Being water-based’ the action of Hair Flow starts by cleaning the scalp, opening its pores, penetrating deeply to the hair roots, stimulating blood circulation, to the scalp, thereby imparting greater strength to the hair root and shaft.

Cleans the scalp. Opens its pores, Penetrates deeply to the hair-roots. Imparts greater strength and healthy shine to the hair.

Eclipta erecta (Bhringraj): For blackening, luxurious and lustrous hair. For premature graying. As anodyne and absorbent it relieves headache when applied.

Cyperus rotundus (Nagarmotha): It is a good Nervine tonic and strengthens memory. Also a stimulant tonic, demulcent and astringent.

Convolvulus pluricaulis (Shankh puspi): An antiphlogistic, alterative and tonic. Relieves nervous exhaustion and provides strengths to Cerebrum, thus promoting Hair Growth.

Parmelia perlata (Chadila): Soporific (tension reliever) especially useful for washing hairs. It strengthens the roots of the hair thus prevents their falling.

Lawsonia inermis (Mehndi): It helps in the treatment of baldness and promotes healthy growth of hair. Good cure for grey hair. Has cooling effects on the head and its medicinal properties prevents skin diseases.

Acacia rogeta (Shikakai): External detergent and astringent. Used as hair wash, which also fights skin disease, removes dandruff and promotes hair growth.

Nardostachys Jatamansi (Jatamansi): Tridosh haram, Medyam. Opens scalp pores and restores normal function. Useful for premature graying of the hair and promotes growth of new hair. “it makes the hair grow again upon the bald patches of the scalp.” (Dymock pg.971, IMM; Vol1). On local application soothens the nerves. Gives strength and complexion to the hair.

Premna integrifolia (Arni): Cordial, carminative , alterative and tonic. It prevents hair fall and premature graying.

Sopindus trifoliatusa (Reetha): External detergent and astringent. Used as hair-wash, removes dandruff.

Hydychium spicatum (Kapoor kachari): Stimulant. Tonic to promote hair growth. Leaves a pleasant lingering aroma.

Aloe vera (Ghrit Kumari): Important ingredient to stimulate hair growth and impart new luster. Relieves headaches. Improves blood circulation to the scalp.

Valeriana wallichii (Sugandh bala): Emollient, Cooling, Demulcent. Astringent and Anti-inflammatory. Leaves a pleasant lingering musky aroma.

Herpestis monniera (Bhrami): Recognized rejuvenator for Hair Growth. It is an excellent nervine tonic and very useful for habitual headaches. Relieves brain-fag, which is one of the prime reasons for hair falling.

Hemidesmum indicus (Anantmool): Contains a hair-growing hormone and removes various chronic diseases of the skin (scalp). Sudroific (Natural Moisturizer)

Trigonella faenum gracum (Methi beej): Prevents falling of hair. Promotes hair growth and removes dandruff.

Azadirachita indica (Neem): Stops hair for m falling and also helps in their growth, reverses premature graying. Imparts a soothing effect on the skin and mucous membranes. Cures itching, skin disease, eczema etc.

20 reviews for Hair Flow

  1. Shikha Jaiswal

    I bought this shampoo to try and improve my thinning hair. I have noticed a significant improvement after approx. 1 month and would definitely recommend this product.

  2. Pooja Shukla

    Me and my daughter used the products and we love the texture of our hair.

  3. Krishna


  4. Nikhil

  5. Anmol

  6. Balendra Tiwari

    Absolutely wonderful product. I have fine hair and this helped to make it appear fuller, healthier and shinier.

  7. Keshav

  8. Ekbal Ahmed

  9. Ayushman

  10. cheetna

    Good Result

  11. Maanvi Jha

  12. Sudha

    Amazing quality, my hair feels so health

  13. Arya Prajapati

    Good hair shampoo. Stops falling of hair. Also a good conditioner

  14. Preeti Shukla

  15. Heema

  16. Tamanna

  17. Radhika Nair

    I must say this is the best medicine ever for hairfall. Kya kya nahi kiya maine but only this shows positive results. Great job Goldwater

  18. Simran Jha

    Great value for money. Service is also too good. Highly recommended.

  19. Medha Rani

    Good shampoo with lovely fragrance. Makes hair soft and manageable.

  20. Brijesh Pandey

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