Ashoka DP (Leucorrhoea)


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Trusted herbal uterine tonic since 32 years

Contains UDAMBAR and ASHOKA combination for the first time!


  • Painfuland Scanty menses (dysmenorrhoea)
  • Stopped Menses (Amenorrhoea)
  • Delayed in onset of puberty (Menarche)
  • Excessive Menses(Menorrhagia) Brings general weakness and loss of precious blood.
  • Scanty Menses(Oligo-menorhoea)

ASHOKA DP is a comprehensive Ayurvedic tonic to support female Menstrual Cycles back to normal.

Leucorrhoea has a nagging problem of re-occurrence. Giving only antibiotics is not enough. It should be supported with ASHOKA DP. Give 3 tsp, three times a day, for 2 to 3 weeks will help completely cure the patient of Leucorrhoea.

INFERTILITY in females:

(Primary & Secondary)

If the lady is below 40 giving a course of ASHOKA DP will help the lady prepare for conception. The course is for 4 to 5 months or till pregnancy occurs. The course should be stopped when the lady is pregnant.

Infertility (Sterility): The Anti-Inflammatory action of UDAMBAR, decreases pelvic inflammations and improves chances of conception. Many issue-less have been blessed with children.


Ashoka has been used since ages as a general beauty tonic for Ladies. The patient is rejuvenated, gets a feeling of well-being and a new lease of youthfulness. Her face gets CLEARED OF RASHES and BLACK SPOTS and she gets a fresh glow, radiance and beauty after the course.

 Safe non-hormonal patent Ayurvedic Medicine!

Note: ASHOKA DP, contains high concentration & number of herbs, kindly add equal water and shake the bottle well before use.

Goldwater’s Ashoka D.P. is prescribed by thousands of Doctors every day. We give you the same product with low cost and no side effects.


 A GMP product – Totally Herbal – Each Batch is properly lab tested – SUGAR FREE – FOR BETTER RESULTS – LEADERS SINCE 1989 – ISO certified

 Further Details:

Double Strength ASHOKA D.P. treats congestive and neurological types of Dysmenorrhoea as it soothes the endometrium, normalises the mucosa of the uterus, induces normal menstrual flow, relieving abdominal discomfort.

Most experienced doctors prefer Ashoka D.P. over other hormonal therapy because it can be administered immediately as and when required, which is not possible with hormonal Management. Moreover, Hormonal Therapy initially retards the menstrual flow inducing psychological depression to the patient. The superiority of Ashoka D.P. is further established over Hormonal Therapy as the later is contra-indicated in the cases of Virgin Girls, Hypertension and hepatic Abnormality amongst others.


Ashoka D.P. acts on the Uterine Musculature through Sympathetic Nerves. It is an excellent Uterine Tonic and a Nervine Sedative; thus useful in Dysmenorrhoea. It exerts a stimulating effect on the Ovaries, Endometrium and the Uterus, thus improving Blood Circulation ot tone-up the Entire Genital System.

Only Goldwater’s DP ASHOKA contains UDAMBAR & ASHOKA combination.

Presenting the best Ayurvedic Combination Udambar (Ficus racemosa) is an Astringent & Strong Anti-inflammatory.

  1. It forms a protective layer on the endometrium 2. It increases body resistance, takes care of Secondary Infections. 3. Prevents and controls LEUCORRHOEA. and decreases PELVIC INFLAMMATIONS

ASHOKA (Saraca Indica) 1. Very good tonic for Uterus, strengthens its muscles and removes many sorts of problems/ diseases. 2. Most effectively controls all sort of MENSES dysfunctions specially DYSMENORRHOEA (Painful & Scanty Menses).

Ayurvedic Pharmacology & Therapeutics VM Chopra (SPARC) pg. 304, Oct. 2000 ASHOKA DP (with Udambar) The Ideal Uterine tonic and prophylactic Ashoka DP acts on the Uterine Musculature through Sympathetic Nerves. It is an excellent Uterine tonic and Nervine Sedative, thus useful for DYSMENORRHOEA (Painful Menses). It exerts a stimulating effect on the Ovaries, Endometrium and the Uterus, thus improving blood circulation to tone-up the entire genital system.

Presenting the Best Developed Formulation in gynae therapy.

Indications: MC Disorders, Leucorrhoea, Menopausal Syndrome, Hot flushes, Habitual Abortion, Infertility, P.I.D.

DIET RESTRICTIONS: Avoid Oily, Fatty, Hot and Spicy meals.

Highly concentrated formula: True Value for Money! 53% Concentration of Herbs!

Contents: Ashoka Chal; Ulatkambal; Daruhaldi; Harad Bari (OXYTOCIC ACTIVITY) Lodra; Satawari; Gurch (UTERINE RELAXANT) Arjun; Dhaiphool; Amla; Nagkesar; Udambar; Chandan (ASTRINGENT) Anantmool; Kamarkas; Pitpapra; Hanasraj; Gokhru (DIURETIC) Punarnava; Ashwagandha; Anantmool (TONIC) Sphatic bhasm; Khus; Bathuabeej (ANTI-SPASMODIC)

Excellent supportive medicine for vaginal discharges. Udambar’s high anti-inflammatory action increases body resistance and forms a protective layer on the uterus. Reduces re-occurrence of Leucorrhoea arising out of pelvic inflammation and congestion

51 reviews for Ashoka DP (Leucorrhoea)

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    Ashoka DP is very effective product

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    very amazing product

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    Good and Best Result Ashoka DP I feel like relaxed. thanks for this product and thank you Team Goldwater!

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    Effevtive product

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    I started with Ashoka DP I am totally loved it because this product is amazing results.

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    I am very happy to have it this syrup

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    nice result

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    Grateful syrup Ashoka DP

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    Very helpfull product

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    very good product for the basis of period

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    I used this product I am shocked because my problem is easily solved grateful product.

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    ASHOKA DP Syrup is very effective syrup

  20. Riyana Thakur

    I have got 2 natural periods with Ashoka DP I am very happy to have it

  21. Isha Singh

    Good response in Periods disorders

  22. Khushbu

    I used this Syrup and I am totally in love with it. I got my periods I’m happy Thank You Goldwater 👍

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    Grate and useful product for ladies.

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    Best syrup Ashoka DP

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    This product is really amazing I feel good

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    Nice product ASHOKA DP

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    Best Product

  28. Shilpi Srivastava

    Chronic case like Brest gland blockage of fallopian tube and bulky Uterus get quick result within 15days.

  29. MadhuM/Store

    Good response in Leucorrhoea

  30. S k Srivastava

    Better response in m c disorders

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    Ashoka DP syp is very effective syrup in all gynecological problems.

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    Good product

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    GW offers a variety of health and beauty products geared primarily towards women

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    I liked this syrup

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    Good result

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    Good response in Leucorrhoea.

  37. Kriti Kushwaha

    Very effective product I’m happy because it’s magic I got period after using 8 days only I have PCOD problem not coming period at least 3 months ago but I used this Syrup only in 8 days I got my periods I’m happy
    Thank You Goldwater 👍

  38. Nidhi Bhatiya

    I had literally used almost everything to balance my hormones + to regular my period but nothing helped. Since I started with Ashoka Dp I am totally in love with it. I have got 2 natural periods with Ashoka Dp

  39. Geeta Saxena

    Hello beautiful ladies and Team Goldwater today I got my second natural period after two months of Ashoka Dp !! This works, ladies It really really works! Jald se nahi, jadd se !! 😁😁😁😁😁😁🤜🏻🤛🏻 thank you Team Goldwater!

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