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When “MADAR” the well-known BILE FLOW REGULATOR works, patients respond immediately . . . Astonishing results in … just 2 Days!

Protects liver from Hepato-Toxic Matter. Helps in Regeneration of Liver Cells. Improves Appetite, Digestion and Bowel movement by increasing funchional efficiency of the Liver.

ACTION: Calotropis gigantea “MADAR” Strongly increases BILE JUICE SECRETIONS. Its flowers are digestive, Tonic and Stomachic. Excellent in Hepatic & Splenic Enlargements. (Dr. Nadkarni A.K. Indian Materia Medical)

Phyllanthus niruri “BHUI AMLA” Effective against Hepatitis Virus De-obstruant & beneficial in Jaundice. Safe Lipotrophic (UMRANI, D. et.al,; Ancient science life)

Strong Appetizer:

Keeps appetite, even in prolonged therapy of ATT/ Antibiotics etc. Good restorative during recovery period of patients.

Fastest & the BEST Results Clears Liver Cells. Tones up the entire digestive system and regulates Bowel Movement (peristalsis), GI tract, a good restorative during convalescene.

Sense of Well-Being: due to good appetite and improved digestive functions. Promotes weight gain in the weak.

Most Economical: True Value for Money:

Contains 27 useful herbs in highest concentration 44% w/v

Perhaps LIVER tonics are the most used product of the Ayurveda in recent times. As such the importance of quality wise improvement better and faster results had always been felt all over. Compare our LIVER INTACT with any other Liver Curative available in the market.

Extra ordinary Appetizer & Prophylactic: We are sure you will appreciate the results of our fastest selling product.

CLINICAL TRIALS REPORT: LIVER INTACT (Liver Corrective) has been clinically tried and tested by Dr. BN Singh, MD, Principal, Supdt & Dean of State Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital, Lucknow University.

LIVER INTACT First Liver Tonic to introduce ‘MADAR’ in the finest synergistic combination of 27 herbs With MADAR the well-known ‘BILE FLOW REGULATOR’ Patients respond immediately with increased appetite and Liver Functions!

Astonishing Results . . . . . Check Today! Protects Liver From Hepato-Toxic Matter. Helps Regeneration of Liver Cells Improves Appetite, Digestion and Bowel Movement by increasing functional efficiency of Liver.

Action: Calotropis gigantea (MADAR) Removes Fatty infiltration from the liver cells. ‘Madar’ quickly increases the Bile Secretion, with the very second day, even in the most obstinate cases.

‘MADAR’ quickly restores ‘Natural Appetite’ during ATT or Antibiotic Treatment (lost due to disturbance of the intestinal flora)

‘MADAR’ keeps liver very strong, healthy and active. Protects liver form Hepato-Toxic matter.

‘MADAR’ strongly increases Bile Juice Secretions. Its flowers are Digestive, Tonic and Stomachic.

Strongly recommended by Hakim Mir Abdul Hamid and Bhav Prakash for Hepatic and Splenic Enlargements. In Intermittent fever it is used as anti-periodic and diaphoretic. Alterative and purgative (Dr. Nadkarni AK in Indian Materia Medica pg 228; Edn 1982) Strongly increases Bile Juice secretions. Flowers are Digestive, Tonic and Stomachic.

Phyllanthus niruri (BHUI AMLA) Effective against HEPATITIS VIRUS. De-Obstruent and beneficial in JAUNDICE.

Safe Lipotrophic (UMRANI, D. et.al; Ancient Science Life.

Strong Appetizer: Keeps appetite intact even in prolonged therapy of ATT / Antibiotics etc. Strong antibiotics disturb the intestinal flora, hence decreasing the appetite; LIVER INTACT gives immediate response in such cases.

Fastest and the Best Results: Clears Liver Cells. Tones up the entire digestive system and regulates the Bowel movement (peristalsis), GI tract, Good restorative.

POINT TO HIGHLIGHT: The first choice drug for many doctors LIVER INTACT (Liver Corrective) remains the first Contains ‘MADAR’ THE MUCH IN TALK ‘BILE FLOW REGULATOR’

Works in 3 ways: As an enzyme As an Appetizer As a Protective against Hepato-Toxic Drugs Increases bile flow from the 2nd day itself, hence immediate and certain effect on appetite gain. Excellent results children’s growth Excellent ‘co-prescription’ with Modern Medicament (specially Antibiotics and ATT) Highest concentration of herbs, hence low dose.

Most effective formula Ingredients: (in syrup, tablet & drops) Aconitum heteropyllum (Atis) Amomum subulatum (Bari-Elaichi) Amoora rohituka (Rohitak Chal) Andrographis paniculata (Kalmegh, Chiraita) Apium graveolens (Ajmoda) Berberis aristata (Rasaut, Daruhaldi) Boerhaavia diffusa (Punarnava) Calotropis gigantean (Madar, Aak) Terminalia Chebula (Harad Choti) Tinospora cordifolia (Gurch) Cassia fistula (Amaltas) Cassia occidentalis (Kasaundi beej) Cyperus rotundus (Nagarmotha) Fumaria officinalis (Pittpapra) Glycyrrhiza glabra (Mulethi) Helecteris isora (Marodphali) Hemidesmus indicus (Anantmool) Peucedanum graveolens (Soya beej) Plumbago Zeylancia (Chitrak mool) Terminalia Arjuna (Arjun chal) Antheum sowa (Sat pushp) Acacia Arabica (Babool) Clerodindron serratum (Bharangi) Adiantum capillus veneris (Hansraj) Aloe Vera (Ghrit Kumari) Daucus carota (Gajar beej) Embelica ribes (Vaividang) Punica granatum (Anar chilka) Tamarix gallica (Jhau patra) Rhus succedanea (Kakrashringhi) Piper longum (Pipali)

Presentation: Syrup: 200ml; 110ml Tablet DS: Box of 3 blisters (12 tablets each) Tablet plain: Bulk pack of 400 tablets

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    Liver Intact tablet very nice results

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    Good product

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    Grateful medicine

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    Nice product

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    Good result tabelet

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    I liked liver intact tablet results is good

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    This tablet maintain liver disorders

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    Good results its helpful medicine

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    Good Medicine

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